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Luc Hamel charged in the death on Sandra Fortin

A Police search was prompted after Sandra Fortin’s 17 year old daughter contacted police on March 17th and reported her mother missing.

The body of 52 year old Fortin was found dead in the trunk of a car regestered to Luc Hamil 57, in the driveway of his home. Police believe Fortin died of a stab wound before being put in the trunk of the car.

Police said the victim and accused were known to eachother. Hamil has been charged with first degree murder.

Lorenzo Giordano gunned down 2 months after prison release

Lorenzo Giordano 52, a member of the Rizzuto crime family shot and killed in a Laval parking lot of Carrefour Multisports on  March 1st.

Giordano had only been released from prison two months ago and was living in a halfway house.  Giordano was refereed to as the underboss in the Rizutto crime family.

Giordano was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

No suspects have been named, and the homicide remains under investigation.

Thierry Leroux, a Quebec police officer killed in the line of duty

26 year old Thierry Leroux had been working in the community for only six months with the local aboriginal police force, when Leroux was shot at and died after he and another officer responded to a domestic call on February 13th in Lac Simon.

Another person was pronounced dead inside the home.  The man was identified as Anthony Raymond Papatie, 22 police have said they believe he may have shot himself after shooting Leroux.

The Papatie left behind a Facebook message in French to friends with the line “I killed a police.”

The second officer at the scene was sent to hospital and is being treated for shock.

Sébastien Goudreau found dead at a campsite on Christmas eve

Sébastien Goudreau’s body was found lifeless on December 24th near a campsite in Val-d’Or. Goudreau’s body showed obvious signs of violence. Goudreau was allegedly beaten to death, no weapons were used.

The Sûreté du Québec have arrested two people, Sébastien Gaouette 21, and Yan Giroux 34, and have charged them with first degree murder and manslaughter. Police are still looking for the third suspect Patrice Gaudreault-Morin 33.

Police believe that Drugs were the motive.

Bobby Tukkiapik charged with Montreal stabbing death

Bobby Tukkiapik 30, has been charged with second degree murder in connection with a fatal stabbing December 18th in Montreal.

The stabbing took place on December 18 in front of a restaurant on Ste-Catherine street. A confrontation escalated quickly resulting in the death of a 32 year old un-named man.  The victim was rushed to hospital where he perished shortly after arrival.