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Kathleen Mary Wood Murdered by her husband Alistair Bruce Wood

Alistair Bruce Wood 83, has been  accused of killing his wife Kathleen Mary Wood 84.

Police were called to a home in the Village by the Arboretum  in Guelph on the morning of Nov 25th where they found Kathleen Wood deceased.

Police have not released any information about how the victim died.

Few details are being released, but police say there is no risk to public safety.

Chris Schweitzer murdered by Sean Haverty

Police were called to the area of Tiffany and Woolwich in Guelph on June 17th on reports of an altercation involving two men.

Police found 38 year old Chris Schweitzer dead.

Sean Haverty 48, of Guelph was arrested and has been charged with first degree murder.

Little details are being released on how Chris Schweitzer died but Police are saying the two men did know each other.