Northeast Edmonton death of Derek Alexander Garnham deemed homicide

Edmonton Police were called to assist from EMS at the Alexander Plaza apartments, on January 14th.  On arrival, Derek Alexander Garnham 32, has passed, in what seemed a suspicious manner.

An autopsy was completed on January 15th,  and ruled the case a homicide. Police will not released the cause of death, or the name of the victim until his next of kin is informed of the death.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567 or contact CrimeStoppers.


Edmonton Police Service said Derek Alexander Garnham, from Edmonton, died of a gunshot wound.

George Flett dies after being assaulted in Winnipeg motel

George Flett 51 was found critically injured in his motel room at 400 block of Westwood Drive on December 11 2015. Police believe Flett was injured the night before and was rushed to hospital.

Darcy Jerome Beardy was originally charged with aggravated assault, until Flett died from his injuries on January 5th 2016.

Beardy has since been charged with second degree murder

Charlotte Hudson murdered in Thunder Bay

A neighbor called EMS to a home on January 13th. When paramedics arrived they immediately called police.

Police have not said how Charlotte Hudson 40, died.

Police have arrested Kimberley Fox, a Thunder Bay woman who was sentenced on an aggravated assault charge in 2015, in the death of her boyfriend back in 2012.  Kimberley Fox never served any jail time for her crime. Fox has now been charged with second degree murder in the case of Charlotte Hudson.

Police say Alcohol was a contributing factor.

Cynthia Marie French stabbed to death in rooming house

Cynthia Marie French 35, was one of two women that were stabbed in the rooming house on William Avenue in Winnipeg on January 12. The second victim has since been upgraded to stable condition. French died shortly after arrival.

Police said the victims returned home to their residence  earlier in the afternoon and found Vanessa Nepinak in Cynthia French’s room.  Nepinak was kicked out, but returned an hour later with her sister when the stabbing took place.

Candice Nora Nepinak, 31, and Vanessa Louise Nepinak, 35, have been charged with second degree murder and attempted murder.

David Flemming Died in his home

Edmonton’s second homicide of 2016 has been identified as David  Fleming 28. Police were dispatched to Flemming’s northwest Edmonton home on January 7th on a weapons complaint.

Police found Flemming dead in his home of a gunshot wound just before 5am.

Police are still looking for a 1979 Ford Thunderbird with the licence plate number BLT 1482 that was stolen from the home.

Anyone with any information should call Edmonton Police at 780-423-4567.

Toronto teen Joseph Petit dies in hospital

Joseph Petit 17 had just returned from walking the family dog on January 4th, when he went outside to meet two males. Petit did not tell his family where he was going or with whom.

A two minute conversation ended with Petit being shot in the neck. Petit was Rushed to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on January 7th.

The two suspects reportedly ran towards Victoria Park subway station.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7400