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Dennis Adolph found dead at 4-Seasons Motel

On January 26th Police and EMS received a 911 call of a person in cardiac arrest. On arrival they found a 49 year old Dennis Adolph dead at the 4 Seasons Motel on the East Trans-Canada Highway.

Police have not released the mans name, cause of death or any suspects.

Update: Police said that Gordon Paul Camille, 65, of Kamloops was arrested on February 5th, and has been charged with murder.

Alex Lefkove 19 charged with manslaughter after death of Christine Grube Lefkove 58

Police say Alex Lefkove 19, has been charged with manslaughter after the death of a 58 year old Christine Grube Lefkove, in North Vancouver.

Police say Christine Grube Lefkove was severely injured during a domestic dispute on January 25th, and died in the hospital two days later.

They aren’t disclosing the relationship between the victim and the accused, however said that they did indeed know each other.

Two month old Haelin Taylor death being investigated as a homicide

On January 4th, Two month old Haelin Taliyah Taylor was admitted to an Winnipeg hospital in critical condition after being seriously injured at her Sioux Valley First Nations home.

The homicide unit has taken over the investigation from the serious crimes unit. Investigations said the baby had a brain injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome. The cause of death has not been released.

A home on the Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation has been secured as part of the initial investigation.

Alan Mallinson and his son Matthew Mallinson found dead in Barrie

According to Barrie police, a pursuit in  Springwater Township led officers to the home where the bodies were found.

On January 26th police approached a truck that was at the side of the road with it’s hazard lights on. After a short conversation the driver sped off in  a hurry. Police followed the vehicle but had to stop the chase for public safety. Police went to the home of where the licence plates were registered and found two dead bodies.

Robert Twiss 45, of Barrie who rented a room in the home of the victims, has been charged with the first degree murder in the death’s of Alan Mallinson and his son, Matthew Mallinson, police said the en had been stabbed to death. Twiss is also charged with causing an indignity to the younger Mallinson’s remains by “severing and discarding his limb”.

Police have not yet been able to pin point time of death, and say they could have died four or five days ago.

Kevin Burnelle found dead at the Hotel where he worked

36 year old Kevin Burnelle was found dead in the Hotel that he lived in above the resturant where he worked on January 22.

On the night of January 21, Burnelle was found in the alley behind the Langley hotel suffering from an injury. Burnelle was assisted back to his room and subsequently passed away.

Police ask if you have any information leading up to the death on Kevin Burnelle please contact Langley police, if you wish to remain anonymous 1-800-222-8477.

31 year old Richard Crowder dies from stab wound

Hamilton Police were called to a home on Birge Street, one block from the Hamilton General Hospital on January 24th. Police and paramedics found the 31 year old Richard Cowder outside on the sidewalk, suffering from a serious stab wound.

The victim was transported to hospital where he passed away a short time after.

Police are awaiting a search warrant to gather more information in this investigation.

Anyone with information about the crime please call Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477.


Police have released some detail about the suspect and ask for the publics help. The man has been described as aboriginal or having a tanned complexion, in his 30s, 5’9″ – 5’10”, slim build with short dark hair. He arrived at the residence on a bicycle which he fled on after the incident.