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Phyllis Roy’s death a homicide

Fire crews were called to extinguish a blazing fire in Peel. The body of Phyllis Roy 52, was found inside her home, On March 2 after the fire was extinguished.

Police were suspicious of the fire from the beginning, after finding “different types of accelerants” in the area.

25 year old Ryan Roy, her son, has been charged with second degree murder. The exact cause of death has been determined, but will not be released.

Mark McCullagh shot outside his London, Ontario home

Police have released few details in the  McCullagh case other than they’re looking for three men who were travelling in a red pickup truck with white lettering above the rear wheels.

March 4th, McCullagh was taking out the garbage from the front porch of their home while his wife Mary Willar was on the couch in the front room playing video games.

Willar heard him shout, “I’ve been shot,” then stumbled in the doorway and fell on to the floor, later dying inside the home.

Police said they believe McCullagh and culprits knew each other and maintain they believe there were three suspects.

Daniel Paul arrested following death of girlfriend Rose Paul in East Vancouver.

On March 3, the body of 36 year-old Rose Paul was found in the basement suite of a home on East 22nd Avenue near Main Street.

The family of a murdered woman says her boyfriend Daniel Paul was arrested by Vancouver Police.

The body of Rose Paul, a mother of five, was found March 3 in the basement suite of a home on East 22nd Avenue in Vancouver. Now her sister, Candace Paul, says she got a call from police saying he was arrested by two female police officers a month later.

Death of Hyde Hayden, 14, being investigated as homicide.

The death of 14-year-old Hyde Hayden, whose body was found at the Roseau River First Nation over the weekend, is being investigated as a homicide, RCMP announced Tuesday.

Officers with the Dakota Ojibway Police Service found the teen outside Ginew School on March 1st.

The cause of death has not been released, and no suspects have been named.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Dakota Ojibway Police Service Roseau River Detachment at 204-427-3034 or Crime Stoppers.

Donny Ouimette & Ryan Hind shot dead in Danforth McDonald’s.

The family of one of the two men who was fatally shot on Feb 28th, when a security guard discharged his weapon at an east-end Toronto McDonald’s says the victims were “play fighting” prior to the incident.

Ryan Hind, 39, and Donny Ouimette, 25, were shot over the weekend at the fast-food restaurant, located in the area of Coxwell and Danforth Avenues. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.


February Statistics

Canada February Murder Count: 31
Males: 22
Females: 9
Age of Youngest Victim: 7
Age of Oldest Victim: 55

Murders By Province or Territory
ON 10
QC 8
BC 6
AB 3
NS 2
YT 0
SK 0
PE 0
NU 0
NT 0
NL 0
NB 1
MB 1

Murders by Type
Beating 4
Shooting 8
Stabbing 7
Other 1
Unknown 10

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:

Birkett, Shariyfa, 29.0, Brampton ON

Brown, Paul Andrew, 47.0, Montreal QC

Chafe, Christopher, 18.0, Sydney NS

Cronier, Pascal, 24.0, Montreal QC

Doe, Jane, 7.0, Vaudreuil-Dorion QC

Doe, John, Montreal, QC

Doe, Lesley, Lac Saint-Jean, QC

Hind, Ryan, 39.0, Toronto ON

Ibrahim, Yusuf, 27.0, Ottawa ON

Johnson, Trevor, 35.0, Abbotsford BC

Mattan, Mustafa, 28.0, Fort McMurray AB

Melting-Tallow, Lorne Joseph, 49.0, Vancouver BC

Orellana-Sincuir, Jaimend Roberto, 30.0, Winston Heights-Mountview AB

Ouimette, Donny, 20.0, Toronto ON

Porcu, Julio, 37.0, Montreal QC

Saintilus, Tilus, 20.0, Montreal QC

Savoy, Scott, 48.0, Toronto ON

Scanlon, Jessica, 29.0, St. Catharines ON

Shaw, Carol, 49.0, Windsor ON

Steinhauer, Lena, 24.0, Edmonton ON

Ralph Boehnlein, 54, Winnipeg MB

Rayna Johnson, 55, Ladysmith BC

Bahrija Hadzic, 53, Dartmouth, NS

Dawns Echoes Baptiste, 31, Calgary, AB

Emmanuelle  D’Amours, 24, Kapuskasing, ON

Michael Amy, 34, Surrey, BC

Alexander Renney, 20, Richmond, BC

James Enright, 27, Burnaby, BC

Mario, Bourgeois, 53, Montreal, QC

Julio Porcu murdered by his sister

Marina Porcu, has been charged with second degree murder is the death of her brother Julio Porcu.

The Feb 25th stabbing was the result of an argument over Heritage. When police arrived they found Julio with stab wounds. He was transported to a Montreal hospital where he died several hours later.

Father of three, Julio Porcu did not survive the attack, dying several hours later in hospital