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Taylor Samson murder investigation continues

William Michael Sandeson has been charged with first-degree murder in Taylor Samson’s death.

Samson was lat seen on August 15 and hasn’t been heard from since. Police are continuing search efforts in hopes of finding Samson’s body. They also believe the alleged murder was not a random act as the accused and victim were known to each other.

Michael Hurlburt charged in the death of Richard Doucet.

Richard Doucet 49, died after an incident at Golden Brothers Bar in Welland on  August 16.  Doucet was critically injured and was transported to Hamilton General hospital, where he passed on.

Police arrested 40-year-old Michael Hurlburt of Welland in connection with the assault they said resulted in Doucet’s death. Hurlburt will be charged with manslaughter.

June 2015 Homicide Breakdown.

The month of June saw thirty three murders. Eight of the murders were women, the other twenty five were men. Seven of the murders are still unsolved with no suspects.

11 of the murders were stabbings.
10 were shootings.
4 were violent beatings.
1 was vehicular (assailant ran over gas station attendant during robbery)
6 causes of death have not been released

Murder breakdown by Province.

ON – 13
Six shooting, two stabbings & five unreleased.

AB – 7
Three stabbings, one shooting, one vehicular & two unreleased.

BC – 4
One shooting, one stabbing, one violent attack & one unreleased.

SK – 1

NB – 1
Assault, beating.

NS – 2
One shooting & one stabbing.

MB – 4
Three stabbings & one shooting.

QC – 1

Out of the eight women murdered, two were stabbings, one was a shooting, three were beaten to death, one was vehicular and one still unreleased. The youngest female victim was 22 and the oldest was 79.

Out of the twenty five men murdered, nine were stabbings, nine shootings, one was beaten to death, and six were unreleased. The youngest male victim was 12 and the oldest was 74.

Serge Ngabo Saninga 21killed in drive by

A 21 year old Serge Ngabo Saninga is dead after a drive by shooting in the middle of the day on August 23. The un-named man was walking in the area of Robert Blvd, in St-Michel around 3:30pm when a car drove past as the passenger opened fire.

The man was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Montreal police asked anyone with information about this incident, the Info-Crime line at 514-393-1133.